3-D Chalk Art

How 3-D Chalk Art Can Improve Your Marketing Campaign

3-D chalk art by Chris Carlson is a great way to connect with your audience. His artwork is specially designed to encourage people to take photos. People will then post these photos on social media. As a result, your brand is able to reach many more people. You can also use this social media exposure to promote any hashtags that may be important to your brand.


A 3-D chalk art installation by Chris Carlson also creates the excitement of a live performance. Your audience will love the experience of watching an artist work. People also have an opportunity to ask questions and learn about the process. Once the artwork is complete, people can pose for photos with the finished product.


Contact Chris now to start the conversation about the best way to incorporate chalk art into your marketing mix.

3-D chalk art, 3-D chalk artist“The Creation of Vader”. Winner of the “Best 3-D” award at the Denver Chalk Festival, 2016.


3-D chalk art, 3-D chalk artist3-D Statue of Liberty. July 4th celebration in Breckenridge, CO. This Drawing is 20 feet long.


3-D chalk art, 3-D chalk artist“Revenge of the Ants” 3-D chalk art. Arbor Lakes Chalk Festival, Minnesota.


3-D chalk art, 3-D chalk artist

“Gorilla Warrior”, 2017. This piece was created in studio on a curved wall using pastel chalk. Chris also makes Time-Lapse Videos of many of his chalk drawings. You can see a time-lapse video of this drawing Here.


3-D chalk art, 3-D chalk artist

“Jaws”, 2016. Chris created this interactive artwork for a film festival in Denver, Colorado. In addition to watching Chris work, people were able to take photos with the artwork.


3-D chalk art, 3-D chalk artist, Denver

“Iron Man”, 2015. Chris created this artwork on a curved wall in his studio. In addition to a time-lapse video of this piece, he made a short animation. Check it out Here.

3-D chalk art, 3-D chalk artist

“Hungry Hippos”. Denver Chalk Art Festival, 2014. Voted “Best 3-D”.