3D Chalk Art creations by Chris Carlson. This amazing type of artwork will compel your audience to interact with your brand. People love to take photos with the artwork and post on social media. This gives your brand increased exposure and recognition. The artwork can be created directly on the street or on a movable surface.


Denver 3D chalk art

Denver chalk art festival, 2017.

Ant 3D chalk art

“Revenge of the Ants” 3D chalk art. June, 2017.

3D painting pirate ship3D Pirate Ship. Painted as part of a team in Key West, FL.

3D painting Guardians of the Galaxy“Guardians of the Galaxy 2”. 3D painting on a curved wall.

Muhammad Ali 3D chalk art on a curved wall.


Harry Potter Patronus on cyclorama wall.

3D chalk art Samurai

“Samurai”. Nov. 2016.

Overwatch 3D chalk art

“Overwatch” video game chalk art. Aug. 2016.

Jaws 3D chalk art

“Jaws”. Soft pastel chalk on pavement.

Star Trek 3D chalk art

“Star Trek Beyond” artwork on a cyclorama wall. Los Angeles, CA. July, 2016.

You can see a time-lapse video of the project here: http://www.chriscarlsonart.com/time-lapse-videos/

Beauty and the Beast 3D chalk art

“Beauty and the Beast”. July, 2016.

3D Chalk art Clash of Kings

Artwork for “Clash of Kings” mobile game.


Denver Chalk Art Festival, 2016. Voted best 3D.

Rocket league 3D chalk art

Rocket League 3D chalk art. April, 2016.

Street Fighter 3D chalk art

“Street Fighter”. Soft pastel chalk on a cyclorama wall. March, 2016.

Bob Ross Troll Doll chalk art

“Bob Ross Troll Doll”. Houston Via Colori chalk art festival, Nov. 2015.

Mars Rover 3D chalk art

3D Mars Rover. This piece was created as part of the Marietta Chalktoberfest, 2015. Marietta, GA.


Belmar Italian Festval. Sept, 2015.

minions final photo

This piece was made as part of an art therapy event at the Denver Children’s Hospital. People can stand on the skateboard and pose for photos.

Eric Clapton Forever Man final shot

Eric Clapton “Forever Man” 3D chalk art. April, 2015.

Disney-coolest-summer-ever-final-shotDisney “Coolest Summer Ever” 3D chalk art.

Disney World, May 2015.

Denver-chalk-art-festival-mainDenver Chalk Art Festival, 2015.

Voted Best 3D chalk art.

Iron Man 3D chalk art formattedIron Man, 2015.

Samus and Banksy for website

“Samus”, 2015.


Escher chalk art“The Encounter”. Soft pastel chalk on concrete, 2014.

Original by M.C. Escher.

Alien vacation edit“Alien Vacation”. Soft pastel chalk on paving stones, 2014.

Street Painting Festival, Lelystad, Netherlands.

IMG_0456Angelo State University Homecoming.

Soft pastel chalk on paving stones, 2014.

Dislocation small

“Dislocation”. Soft pastel chalk on paving stones, 2014.

Counting Crows album promotion.

Hippos chalk final“Hungry Hungry Hippos”. Soft pastel chalk on pavement, 2014.

Denver Chalk Art Festival, voted best 3D.

Pringles Surf board

Pringles Tortiallas promotion, 2014.

Huntington Beach, CA.