M.C. Escher “The Encounter” 3D chalk art, 2014

Colorized reproduction of M.C Escher’s “The Encounter”. Soft pastel chalk on concrete

Duck Hunt 3D Chalk Art
“Hungy Hungry Hippos” Winner of best 3D award, Denver Chalk Art Festival, 2014
Disney Coolest Summer Ever Promotion, May 2015
Eric Clapton “Forever Man”, 2015
Minecraft Diamond Sword 3D Chalk Art
Denver Chalk Art Festival 2015, voted best 3D
Iron Man on Cyclorama Wall
King Hippo 3D Chalk Art
Legend of Zelda 3D chalk art, 2013
Lelystad 3D Street Painting festival, 2014
Super Mario 3D chalk art
Pringles 3D chalk art, 2014