3-D Chalk Art for the University of New Mexico

Last month I traveled to Albuquerque, New Mexico to create 3-D chalk art for the UNM homecoming. I love working on college campuses because of the energy and excitement of the students as they watch the artwork come to life. Students and faculty are able to watch my progress multiple times throughout the day as they move between classes. Then at the end of the day they can see the final product and take photos with the artwork.

The UNM mascot is the Lobo, which is a grey wolf. So I decided to include two grey wolves in the design. One wolf is snarling in defense of her turf while the other wolf howls. I think these postures show the wide range of emotions experienced by wolves. These postures also add a sense of variety and action to the design. The design also features the new UNM logo.

During this project I got to speak with multiple student groups about the challenges and rewards of being a professional artist. The most common question I get is ‘how did you get started as a 3-D chalk artist?’ I got my start by doing dozens of practice drawings in my garage. As I gained more experience, I became more confident and started creating artwork in public. I really enjoy sharing my experiences with young people interested in art. I hope I can get them excited about the possibilities of art. And also prepare them for the amount of work and dedication needed to improve their skills. I also did a couple of interviews for the local news stations about my artwork.

The student and faculty response to the artwork was amazing! I had a great time chalking at UNM and I hope to be back next year. Go Lobos!

You can see more of my 3-D chalk art Here.


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You can read a news article about my UNM project here.

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