3-D Street Art at Marietta “Chalktoberfest”

3-D Street Art for “Chalktoberfest”


In October I traveled to Marietta, Georgia for one of the largest 3-D street art festivals in the country. Amazing chalk artists from around the world were invited to create temporary masterpieces. For this event I partnered with a fellow chalk artist to create a 2-D/ 3-D combo. Naomi Haverland created the 2-D portion while I chalked the 3-D portion.

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The 2-D portion of the artwork is based on Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Woman with Ermine”. The woman’s facial expression has been changed to reflect the disgust she is feeling towards the rowdy aliens. I drew the aliens walking on the artwork and spilling beer into the ermine’s mouth. I like the playful interaction of the 2-D and 3-D elements in this piece. The aliens also represent my worst fears about what might happen to my artwork when I draw in public. Luckily, nothing like this has ever happened to me!

This was my first time working with another artist during a 3-D street art festival. It is great to have someone to share ideas with and to help keep you motivated. You can see more of Naomi’s chalk art here.

One of the best aspects of chalk festivals is meeting and learning from other artists around the world. The organizers of Chalktoberfest do a great job of bringing in the best international chalk artists. It was a great experience to learn about these artists inspirations and techniques.

This was my third year participating in this festival. You can see my artwork from previous years on  my 3-D chalk art page.

You can also read about my experience at the Nashville Chalk Art Festival here.

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