3D Chalk Art at the Sarasota Chalk Festival

This weekend I was invited to create some 3D chalk art at the Sarasota Chalk Festival. The festival organizers fly out over 50 of the best chalk artists in the world for the event. I was able to meet some of my artistic mentors for the first time. I also got to see some of my artist friends from around the world. The weather was great all weekend, sunny and 80 degrees.


For my design I decided to create a 3D “Jabba the Hutt” working an office job. I really like the idea of taking this iconic character and putting him in an everyday situation. In the artwork he is sitting at a desk, working on a computer. His sidekick is sitting on his tail reading a work memo.


The festival crowds really enjoyed the concept and loved seeing Jabba! This was my first chalk festival of 2019. It was a good warm up and I am looking forward to many more festivals this year!

3D chalk art Jabba the Hutt


You can check out more of my 3D chalk art here.

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