3D Chalk Artwork at the Reno Chalk Art Festival

Reno Chalk Art Festival, July 2019

In July I traveled to Reno, Nevada to create 3D chalk artwork with a group of artists from Colorado. We created one giant 3D artwork as a team and then I made another 3D chalk art piece on my own. This was my third time participating in the Reno Chalk Art Festival. It is a great event with lots of amazing artists and live music. 2019 was the biggest year yet, with over 150 artists participating. All of the artists work under large tents, so it’s a little bit easier to work in the July sun. The festival also does a great job of providing lots of cold drinks and air conditioned areas to cool off. I am looking forward to seeing this great event grow every year!

Creating artwork with a team

The first part of the festival was the team artwork. Along with 3 other artists from Colorado, I created a huge 3D painting to help generate excitement for the festival. I was in charge of the design and I decided to create something inspired by the work of M.C. Escher. The idea is that one person can pose on the artwork (about 30 feet away) and another person can pose near the camera. With a little coordination they can create a really cool photo like this:

3D chalk artwork in Reno

This design was challenging because of it’s large size and precise geometry. As a result, we had to work carefully to create so many long and straight lines. All of the hard work paid off when we got to see people having a blast while interacting with the artwork. There were so many awesome photos!

Creating my individual 3D chalk drawing

After completing the team design each of us began working on our individual designs. I decided to draw a piranha plant from Super Mario Bros. I love old video games and I knew that people would have a lot of fun interacting with this design. In order to make the design more dynamic I decided to make the piranha plant a little more realistic than in the game. I always like to push my artwork in some way beyond the original concept. I am really happy with the way my 3D chalk artwork turned out!

My younger sister traveled to the festival with her baby. I was able to get this awesome photo of them:

3D chalk artwork in Reno

You can learn more about the Reno Chalk Art Festival here.

You can also learn more about my process for creating 3D chalk artwork Here.

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