3D Painting for the History Colorado Center

Last week I created a new 3D painting for the History Colorado Center in Denver. I have created 9 murals for the museum since last year. I painted the artwork on a special curved wall. This wall allows people to pose for photos on the artwork. In the photos people look like they are in the middle of the action! This painting took about 5 days to complete.


This artwork is a promotion for the museum’s new life size board game “Trailblazers”. People can roll huge dice and move around the atrium on the giant game board. The game incorporates many different elements from Colorado history. For the painting I decided to focus on the Colorado mountains and wildlife. You can see the purple mountains in the background. You can see an American Bison in the mid ground. Finally, there is a brown bear in the foreground of the painting. People can pose next to the bear like they are about to be attacked!


3D painting HCC


You can see more of my 3D paintingsĀ here.

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