3D Sidewalk Chalk Art for Smokey Bear’s 75th Birthday

3D Sidewalk Chalk Art for Smokey!

I traveled to Moscow, Idaho in June to create some special 3D sidewalk chalk art. I was commissioned by the city to create a design to celebrate the 75th birthday of Smokey Bear! Smokey is such an iconic character, I was excited to bring him to life with chalk. My design features Smokey sitting on the ground with his iconic finger point. I also added a squirrel sidekick playing with a lighter nearby. The squirrel was a lot of fun to design. I love drawing the light effects created by fire. There is a lot of opportunity to use strong colors in these areas.

I experienced a few rain delays throughout the weekend. In case of rain, I always pack lots of plastic sheeting. When the rain begins I cover the artwork with the plastic and tape down all sides. Once the rain has passed and the ground is dry I can uncover the artwork. I had to make some small repairs, but I was able to finish without any serious problems.

Posing for photos with the 3D sidewalk chalk art

One of the most rewarding parts of creating 3D sidewalk chalk art is watching people interact with the artwork. I like to create a fun photo opportunity with my artwork. In this case, people can sit next to Smokey and point at the camera like they are giving a fire safety lecture. In the photo below I decided to try resting my hand on Smokey’s knee. The community had a great time posing for photos and lots of people came up with fun new ways to interact with the artwork. I always have a great experience creating chalk art in Moscow, Idaho!

3D sidewalk chalk art

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If you would like to learn more about Smokey Bear and his mission, check out his page here: SmokeyBear.com


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