3D Street Painting at the University of Missouri

I traveled to the University of Missouri to do some 3D street painting in September. I invited another artist to help me out since this was such a large project. Nate Baranowski is an amazing 3D artist from Chicago. We have worked together multiple times and I always love the results. We were the first artists to take part in a new program for the university, the Artists in Residence program. Nate and I created five large street paintings all around the Mizzou campus. The first painting featured the University’s mascot, Truman the Tiger.

Truman the Tiger 3D Street Painting

We began the project with a really fun painting of the Mizzou mascot jumping out of a hole in the ground. This painting was huge! It measured about 12 feet wide by 36 feet long. Because it was so large and detailed, we worked on the tiger for two full days.

3D street painting

The students and faculty on campus loved this painting! We used mostly tempera paint for this piece. As a result, people were able to walk on the artwork for some really cool photo opportunities. When the event was over the tempera paint was easily removed with a pressure washer. I really like to create 3D street paintings using tempera paint because it makes the artwork more durable. It can last longer in the elements and people can walk on the artwork to take photos. Our next painting for the week was a giant hole in the ground!

Hole in the Ground Street Painting

The hole in the ground illusion is very popular. We wanted to create something that would have a big visual impact and be lots of fun to pose with. In order to accomplish this we made a huge painting with lots of different ways to pose for photos.

3D Street painting

We created this 3D street painting using tempera paint as well. This allows people to run all over the artwork for some really fun photos without damaging the painting. Our final paintings celebrated multiple different art forms.

Street Paintings to Celebrate the Arts

We created three separate paintings to celebrate the Arts Education programs at the University of Missouri. These paintings promote the music school, the visual arts school and the theater program. I had a great time sharing all of this artwork with the students and faculty of the university. Go Tigers!

3D street painting

3D street painting

You can see a lot more of my artwork over on my Portfolio Page.

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