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3D chalk artwork in Reno

3D Chalk Artwork at the Reno Chalk Art Festival

Reno Chalk Art Festival, July 2019 In July I traveled to Reno, Nevada to create 3D chalk artwork with a group of artists from Colorado. We created one giant 3D artwork as a team and then I made another 3D chalk art piece on my own. This was my third time participating in the Reno Chalk Art Festival. It is a great event with lots of amazing artists and live music. 2019 was the biggest year yet, with over 150 artists participating. All of the artists work under large tents, so it's a little bit easier to work in the July sun. The festival also does a great job of providing lots of cold drinks and air conditioned areas to cool off. I am looking forward to seeing this great event grow every year! Creating artwork with a team The first part of the festival was the team artwork. Along with 3 other...

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3D sidewalk chalk art

3D Sidewalk Chalk Art for Smokey Bear’s 75th Birthday

3D Sidewalk Chalk Art for Smokey! I traveled to Moscow, Idaho in June to create some special 3D sidewalk chalk art. I was commissioned by the city to create a design to celebrate the 75th birthday of Smokey Bear! Smokey is such an iconic character, I was excited to bring him to life with chalk. My design features Smokey sitting on the ground with his iconic finger point. I also added a squirrel sidekick playing with a lighter nearby. The squirrel was a lot of fun to design. I love drawing the light effects created by fire. There is a lot of opportunity to use strong colors in these areas. I experienced a few rain delays throughout the weekend. In case of rain, I always pack lots of plastic sheeting. When the rain begins I cover the artwork with the plastic and tape down all sides. Once the rain has passed...

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3D street art Denver

3D Street Art at the Denver Chalk Art Festival

This past weekend I created some 3D street art for the 16th annual Denver Chalk Art Festival. This was my sixth year as part of the event. The Denver festival is my home event, so I feel a special connection with the other artists and the spectators. It is one of the biggest chalk festivals in the country with over one hundred thousand people checking out the artwork over two days. For the last two years I have been a "featured artist" for this event. This year I designed my 3D street art to be open to interpretation. The image shows a person wearing a haz-mat suit, lounging in a recliner. There is a dog between their legs and a cat near their head. Both animals are also wearing custom haz-mat suits. The person looks very relaxed. They are reading a book and sipping a cocktail. I like the idea of...

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3D mural

3D mural for Wildflower exhibit at HCC

I painted a new 3D mural at the History Colorado Center this week. This is the tenth mural I have painted for the museum. This 3D mural is a promotion for the new "Wildflower" exhibit that will come to the museum this Spring. The artwork features wildflowers that grow in Colorado and a team of hungry bees. People can pose on the artwork for photo opportunities. You can sit on the big bee in the foreground and it looks like you are flying! I create this illusion by painting on a curved wall. The mural covers the wall and the floor, allowing me to create an immersive photo opportunity.   I always have a lot of fun painting 3D murals at the History Colorado Center in Denver. I get a chance to paint in front of the museum guests and hear their feedback while I work. It's a lot of fun to...

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3D painting HCC

3D Painting for the History Colorado Center

Last week I created a new 3D painting for the History Colorado Center in Denver. I have created 9 murals for the museum since last year. I painted the artwork on a special curved wall. This wall allows people to pose for photos on the artwork. In the photos people look like they are in the middle of the action! This painting took about 5 days to complete.   This artwork is a promotion for the museum's new life size board game "Trailblazers". People can roll huge dice and move around the atrium on the giant game board. The game incorporates many different elements from Colorado history. For the painting I decided to focus on the Colorado mountains and wildlife. You can see the purple mountains in the background. You can see an American Bison in the mid ground. Finally, there is a brown bear in the foreground of the painting. People...

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3D chalk art Jabba the Hutt

3D Chalk Art at the Sarasota Chalk Festival

This weekend I was invited to create some 3D chalk art at the Sarasota Chalk Festival. The festival organizers fly out over 50 of the best chalk artists in the world for the event. I was able to meet some of my artistic mentors for the first time. I also got to see some of my artist friends from around the world. The weather was great all weekend, sunny and 80 degrees.   For my design I decided to create a 3D "Jabba the Hutt" working an office job. I really like the idea of taking this iconic character and putting him in an everyday situation. In the artwork he is sitting at a desk, working on a computer. His sidekick is sitting on his tail reading a work memo.   The festival crowds really enjoyed the concept and loved seeing Jabba! This was my first chalk festival of 2019. It was a good...

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