3D Mural for Wildflower Exhibit at HCC

I painted a new 3D mural at the History Colorado Center this week. This is the tenth mural I have painted for the museum. This 3D mural is a promotion for the new “Wildflower” exhibit that will come to the museum this Spring. The artwork features wildflowers that grow in Colorado and a team of hungry bees. People can pose on the artwork for photo opportunities. You can sit on the big bee in the foreground and it looks like you are flying! I create this illusion by painting on a curved wall. The mural covers the wall and the floor, allowing me to create an immersive photo opportunity.

Designing This 3D Mural

The design phase of this mural was a fun challenge. I wanted to include a big bee in the foreground that people could stand on for photo opportunities. Beyond this element I wasn’t sure what else to include in the design. I decided to include some larger than life wildflowers that are native to Colorado. I made sure to locate the giant sunflower in front of the purple mountains. The yellow of the flower is the complimentary color to the purple of the mountains. This makes both colors appear brighter and more vibrant.

Painting the Mural

I always have a lot of fun painting 3D murals at the History Colorado Center in Denver. I get a chance to paint in front of the museum guests and hear their feedback while I work. It’s a lot of fun to hear what the kids think about the artwork and how excited they get for the chance to pose for photos. I also love the extra energy I get while painting in front of the public. It is a lot easier to paint for long hours when you have people cheering you on.


3D mural


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You can also see time lapse videos of my painting processĀ on my YouTube channel.

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